Koonsolo wakes up from hibernation

Koonsolo, Make RPG
It's been a very long time since I updated anything related to Koonsolo. Having a demanding full-time job, 2 young kids and building a house, doesn't leave much time to work on spare time projects. But since the kids are getting a bit more independent, and we finally moved into our new home, I managed to squeeze some Koonsolo time back into my schedule. Oh yes, that's right, you can expect more to come soon! I left off working on the RPG Editor, and I will pick up from there. Although there is a slight shift in focus: It will be an online web RPG that you can edit on the fly. This means that all editing and playing will happen in your browser. And since I love my new…
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Use a design tool to make an RPG

2 years after my original article on How to create RPG's, this is the final installment. The easiest way to create an RPG is by using an RPG creation tool. The most famous of these tools is RPG Maker, but there are some alternatives: [caption id="attachment_314" align="alignright" width="320" caption="RPG Maker"][/caption] RPG Toolkit Hephaestus RPG Designer And of course, there is my own tool that I'm currently working on: RPG Playground! RPG creation tools already include most of the programming, artwork, sound and music for you. So the main thing you do is design the levels and gameplay. For a game designer without much technical or artistic skills, it's definitely possible to create a nice game. Most tools also allow you to script some custom functionality, and let you import custom…
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