Indepth look at 2D game engines for Haxe

(Updated on 16/9/2017, after receiving more info at the Haxe Summit) So you want to make a cross platform 2D game using Haxe.¬†Good choice! But what will you choose as game library? Preamble There are a tremendous amount of Haxe game engines out there, so I'm limiting my discussion to the most alive and kicking 2D engines. So I won't be covering Flambe¬†for example, which has its last commit in 2015. Remark that Haxe is open source, and so are all the game engines mentioned here. I'm not the first one to cover game engines for Haxe. And if you didn't do any research yet, here are other overviews of Haxe game engines. However, none of them is as up-to-date as mine :). While they list more game engines, I…
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