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Recently I added Koonsolo to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Vimeo. This way you can get our latest news straight from your favorite social media site. Becoming a fan or following Koonsolo means a lot to us, so for those who support us that way, I'm going to offer something extra. Next month I'll give away free copies of Mystic Mine. (Or if you already bought it from our website, a $19.95 Gift Card). A few winners will be picked out from those who are a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, YouTube or Vimeo. So make sure you subscribe before the deadline to secure your spot. So don't wait and subscribe now! Just click on the following links: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Vimeo: P.S.: I…
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Who is going to steal your game idea?

Business, Marketing
During the development of your game, you should already do some marketing. This way you line up some customers to buy your game once its released. But marketing means revealing parts of your game. And when developing an innovative game, your primary fear might be that someone is going to steal your idea, and... (Tune from Jaws here) daaa dum daaa dum daaa dum... bring out a cloned game sooner than you! AAAARRRRGGGG! Well... I got news for you: nobody is going to steal your idea. Take a look at Braid or Tower of Goo for example. Both are innovative games, both revealed their concept long before their release. And you know what? Nobody stole their idea. Next to these two masterpieces, I'm shamelessly going to use my own game…
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