Mystic Mine: up to 6 players on 1 keyboard

Mystic Mine will feature a multiplayer mode that allows up to 6 simultaneous players on 1 keyboard. Each player only needs one button to switch the track in front of their goldcar. By colliding into another car, you can steel diamonds and other valuables, or pass the dynamite before it explodes. Together with friends and family you can enjoy playing this game on Windows, Mac or Linux. Try to collect the most points and win the game!

6 players on 1 keyboard


Unique gameplay of Mystic Mine revealed

Koonsolo releases the first ingame video of Mystic Mine, showing its innovative gameplay. Guide your gold car through a mine, switching rails with the mouse or keyboard. The gold car can only go down, but thanks to an optic illusion in the levels, you can always reach every point. See the video: The family friendly nature of this game makes it suitable for all ages. The difficulty of the game adapts to your skill, making Read more…

Mystic Mine: game with impossible levels

September 8, 2008 – Mystic Mine, a new game under development by Koonsolo, contains levels with an impossible structure. An optical illusion makes them seem like real. Just like the endless stairs of Penrose or M. C. Escher, you are able to infinitely go down and yet arrive at the same starting point. Impossible in the real world, but not in Mystic Mine.

Our new game: Mystic Mine

Some of you may know this already, but Koonsolo has been working on a new game called “Mystic Mine”, and we are now ready to start revealing it to the world. It’s a game unlike any other game you have seen or played before. You’ll hear and see more about it in the coming months, so be prepared! More info at

Excellent Rabbit Wars Review

Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine have also put their teeth in Rabbit Wars, and they love it: “It’s one of the best multiplayer-enabled game released this year and a must for Snails / Worms, Atomic Cannon- and UFO-fans looking for a multiplayer-enabled mixture of these titles.” It’s really great when people love to play the games you make, especially when they write about it on the net ;).

First Review of Rabbit Wars, a mobile technology website, has reviewed Rabbit Wars, and they seem to like the game a lot: “The game is beautiful, fun and filled with good spirit and great sound effects. The multi-player mode provides to the whole family hours of great fun.” We got a total score of 8/10 for solo mode, and 10/10 for multiplayer! We are of course very proud that they liked the game, because a lot of our passion Read more…

News/Blog section

Today I’ve added a news/blog section to the Koosolo website, and you are currently reading the first post on it :). I’m going to post all the cool new things that are happening with Koonsolo and it’s fun games. So if you don’t want to miss anything, just subscribe to the RSS feed, or visit the website now and then.