Koonsolo announces that Mystic Mine can be played with a single button. People and children with limited mobility will have no trouble with the controls. The difficulty also adapts to the current player, making sure that everyone can enjoy and finish the game at their own skill level, regardless of age, experience and disability.

After releasing the gameplay preview video, several people noticed that the game was probably controlled with only one button. Mystic Mine is indeed a so called “single-switch” game, but it can also be played using the mouse.

The menu system can be navigated with only 3 buttons: a select, next and exit button. And when holding the select key for a few seconds, the “one button” mode is enabled, and the menu can be controlled using a single switch. Of course other keys, mouse or joystick/joypad can be used, but they are not mandatory.

If you have tips or questions on the accessibility of Mystic Mine, please contact info@koonsolo.com

For more info go to http://www.mysticmine.com

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