First of all I want to thank everyone who emailed me and wished me luck with my new project. I received some very nice emails and appreciate it very much!

I didn’t provide much details last time, so I hope to clarify some things in this post. The game editor is going to be aimed at creating old school 2D RPG Games like Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger. This RPG Editor will run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It will be very user friendly, so that anyone is able to create games. You won’t have to know how to program or how to create graphics. But if you’re an artist, you can of course import your own graphics and use them.

Some people asked if the game editor is going to be Open Source, but it won’t. It will be a proprietary product.

The editor will create Flash games, and they will run in any web browser. As a normal user you just click “Play” and the game will be completely generated for you. But if you’re a programmer, you can go into the source code of that game and implement or change anything you want. The game source code will use our Koonsolo Game Library, and that library will be Open Source. I will use the liberal ISC License, which allows you to adapt anything you want and release your games as both commercial or free products.

All technical aspects will be handled by Koonsolo, so the game editor and game engine will be programmed by me :).

I wanted to share all this info so you know what Koonsolo is up to. Since there hasn’t been any official announcement yet, you are the first to know about the collaboration of Koonsolo with Amaranth Games, and about the details of our upcoming RPG game editor :).

Kind Regards,

Koen Witters.

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Apollo · November 9, 2012 at 18:42

This sounds about the same as RPG Maker, so I’d suggest if you’re charging people for this, make it cheaper than RPG Maker if you want business.

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