Adobe decided to put the final nail in the coffin of Flash. Unfortunately, my RPG Playground has been using Flash for some time. The reason is that it allows my users to make games inside their web browser, without the need to download anything. But it seems that if you want a web game nowadays, the only way forward is to use HTML5.

It was already clear years ago that at some point I will have to port it away from a dying technology. But since for me there was no real pressure, I could wait for other technologies to evolve, before I decided where to go to next.

I guess the time has finally come to bite the bullet and decide on which technology to use.

I plan to document the porting of my ActionScript 3 code to the new platform on this website. So consider this the first part of many blog post on porting my RPG Playground code base from ActionScript 3, running on Flash, to something new.

Here are all the posts of this series:

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