The new release of RPG Playground has arrived! This time I improved managing your projects, so you can give your project names. You can also rename them later and delete them. This should allow you to manage your projects a bit better than in the previous version with the static 8 slots.

project buttons

I also made a lot of improvements behind the scenes, mainly on the server side. RPG Playground is growing out of the fooling around stage, so I don’t want anyone to lose any of their levels. When you save a level now, it will also check afterwards if the level can properly be retrieved again. Only then will the message appear that the level was saved. I’m also doing automatic offsite backups of the data, and improved the logging on the server so any warning, error or inconsistency is reported to me.

Some other small improvement that I did was on the edit textfield. It now supports autorepeat keys and you can place the cursor with the mouse. No selection of text yet, but that will be for the next release.

So what can you expect for the next release? Well, it’s a release that I personally want as soon as possible. It will enable the hero to talk to characters. This means when your hero walks towards an NPC, you will be able to let the NPC say something. The release will also include the possibility to let your characters and monsters face another direction than only downwards. So a lot to look forward to!

But first, go manage your RPG projects! 🙂

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