Time for a new RPG Playground release! This time I made the GUI a bit nicer. I was planning on adding ‘talking to characters’ first, but the current GUI was holding me back, so I fixed that first. I also added a welcome screen showing the brand new RPG Playground logo. Remark that it now requires you to log in or register first before you can start designing. But when you share a level, anyone can start playing without needing to register first.

RPG Playground logo

Some more things that this new version features:

  • That weird scrollbar is replaced with a real scrollbar (some people had trouble with the original)
  • A much better font is used now
  • New users see a help/tutorial screen right after registering, and this screen can be shown at any time by pressing the help button in the lower left corner

Check it out at http://rpgplayground.com.

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