Time for the second update of RPG Playground this weekend! Imagine what I could do if I did this full-time ;). This time I added a ‘share project’ button where you can generate a link to your level. This way you can share your creations with anyone! It’s located in the top-right menu.

You first need to save your level before you can generate the link. When pressing the ‘share project’ menu item, the URL to your level will be copied to the system clipboard. So after that you can paste it anywhere you want.

So go create your own RPG level and send me the link (through twitter, facebook, a comment below, email, …). Your level doesn’t have to be completely finished yet, I’m just curious what kind of levels you guys and gals are creating right now.

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Adorna · January 22, 2013 at 09:12

my old level won’t load, but I’ll be sure to post a new one soon 😀
its looking great!

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