Some of you are wondering where RPG Playground is actually going, so let me explain. I’m now working towards the most basic game you can imagine.

I took the RPG genre and dropped everything that can be dropped, and named that the 1.0 version. This means 1 level, your game character can walk around and can talk to NPC’s, who have only 1 thing to say (so no dialog tree). There are monsters walking around that you must avoid, else you will die. When you win, some NPC will probably tell you that you have won. When you die, the game is restarted.

And that’s it for the 1.0 version! No items, multiple levels, etc., not even a simple health potion. Kind of like a slimmed down Zelda game. My first thought was to include fighting with monsters hack ‘n slash style (so it’s an action RPG), but I even dropped that one (for the 1.0 version that is).

So I’m working towards that minimal version as fast as I can, so that you’re able to create such a game as soon as possible. And of course, I’m really curious what you’re going to create :).

After that, more features will be added, but it’s mainly up to you what goes in first. I can imagine that obvious things like fighting, items, multiple levels, extra tilesets, dialog trees and magic will probably be added at some point. But if RPG Playground is headed towards an MMO or single player experience, I honestly don’t know yet. This will depend on what you want to create at that point. If most of you want to create MMO’s, then I will provide the framework for that.

Some of you already asked me to add some extra tilesets, or an option to include your own artwork, so that will probably be the next thing after the 1.0 release.

And of course, suggestions for the things you want to see in RPG Playground are always welcome! So definitely let me know what’s on your mind and leave a comment below, or leave a message on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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Spencer H · March 7, 2013 at 13:56

Hey koonsolo, great read! I’m really interested in extra tile sets and the ability to add our own artwork to the game. After you mentioned it, I cant stop thinking about what that would mean for our games. Although your not sure where you want RPG playground to go in the future, I personally think as a designer(player, whatever:P)if the game veered towards and MMO experience you would attract far more interest and player base. However, leaning towards the MMO experience might lead to a brickwall for the depth of the games we create. A singleplayer experience can become memorable and unique because of personalized stories and those can sometimes be lost or completely skipped over in an MMO.
Preferably, if we were to create multiple player games, we would need a framework to design unique progression systems such as leveling up/skills/even further then that. These are also great features for single player games but they are limited to the overall depth of the game. I think a hack and slash would be great for this game keep going in that direction!
Keep up the good work koonosolo, its always a pleasure to test out your new features and I look forward to more in the future.

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