Get motivated: Ralph Bakshi

As a kid I saw the animation movie Fire & Ice, and absolutely loved it. Back then I didn't know the creator was successfully competing with a big corporation like Disney. You should definitely check out this video with the creator of that animation movie, Ralph Bakshi, on how to compete as a small studio.
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Are portals ripping you off?

Indie and casual game developers can sell their games through various portals. Unfortunately these portals offer very low royalty rates (about 25% to 35%). Some 'developer friendly' portals offer 40%. Remark that this percentage is not calculated on the game's price, but on the 'net revenue'', which means that when a game is sold, first some payment processing fees and other costs are deducted, and you will get the % of what's left. And you know what, it doesn't stop there. Portals make sure they stay in control by forcing following policies: (more…)
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Mystic Mine improvements

Mystic Mine
I'm currently doing some improvements on Mystic Mine. The first few levels are going to be more challenging, and it will run better on slower machines. A few tweaks here and there, but the most important thing will be that the multiplayer game will feature a 'Totals' score board! I received feedback from players who sometimes organize little 'Mystic Mine Tournaments' among their friends. But in the current multiplayer game you only see the scores of the last game. A totals score board would be a great help to keep track of who won the most games etc. This way you can see at the end who the ultimate Mystic Miner is ;). I'll keep you updated on the progress of this new version, and will definitely let you know…
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