What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Last year in November I made a post about how my life was turned upside down, and that I was going through a rough period. Well, I’m happy to say things are much better now. And the future looks even brighter! I’m working on RPG Playground again, with full passion. It gives me great joy to see how much fun you have, creating your own games, even when I didn’t release any new features for Read more…

Broken dreams

Sometimes I feel like a juggler who tries to keep too many balls in the air. The older you get, the more things you build, and the more balls you have to juggle. A wife, kids, a job, a home, a passion, finances, friends, hobbies, … . Some balls are really fragile, and you do everything not to drop them. They are so important you can’t imagine that they will ever scatter on the floor. Read more…

A Different Entity Component System

When programming Rabbit Wars back in 2007, I ended up with huge objects for each of my game entities. They handled player input, AI, moving, shooting, health points and rendering. I didn’t like it, it drove me mad. But then I came across this Evolve Your Hierarchy article. Since I was still in the middle of programming, I refactored my game entity code to use components instead of multiple inheritance (just like the article described). It worked great, my code was readable again.

Rabbit Wars for PocketPC


RPG Playground has a new website with blog

I reworked the one-page website of RPG Playground to a full blown product website, including a blog. This also means that all releated news regarding RPG Playground will be published on the RPG Playground blog, and not on this Koonsolo blog! So if you were following this blog because of the RPG Playground related posts, make sure you follow the new blog instead! All info regarding this can be found in this RPG Playground blog Read more…

How to make a Zelda like game

Are you one of those people with fond memories of playing The Legend of Zelda? The whole action-adventure game genre was defined by that game, and it was the inspiration for many other action role playing games that followed it.


Even today, many game developers are inspired by Zelda, and base their games on similar game play. Examples are Anodyne, Midora, Hyper Light Drifter, Delver’s Drop, Across Age, The Binding of Isaac and many more.

PS4 France] - Hyper Light Drifter bientôt disponible sur PS4 et PS ...

Hyper Light Drifter

Creating such a game seems daunting, but it really isn’t. As a matter of fact, there are many options available on how to create your own Zelda-like game. I will give you the complete overview here.


RPG Playground 0.16: Doors to other levels

You probably have been waiting for this release. Previous time you were able to create new levels, but not yet for your hero to walk into them. Well, head over to http://rpgplayground.com, because now you can add doors to go to other levels. There are 2 kinds of doors: A real door where you always stay beneath it, and which opens with an animation sequence when walking into it. A portal that you need to Read more…

Your game will always be paused in edit mode

One of the main ideas behind RPG Playground is to minimize the effort and time between playing and editing your game. I didn’t want to make another game making tool where you need to build your game before play-testing it. RPG Playground does just that. Play your game, and if you want to make a modification, just open the edit project pane on the left, and edit it straight away. After that, you can continue playing just were Read more…

RPG Playground 0.15: Multiple levels

So, time for another RPG Playground release! This time I added functionality to create multiple levels. Although you can now create multiple levels or scenes, the hero cannot yet walk into them. But don’t worry, that’s planned for the next release. You might say that because of this, the functionality is not yet quite complete, which is true. But I wanted to release this anyway so you can already create the interiors of your houses. Read more…

How Notch marketed Minecraft

If you want to create a successful indie game, marketing is one of the most important things. Some claim that an awesome game is all you need, and word of mouth will do the rest. To back up their claim, they use use Minecraft as an example on how a great game can succeed without marketing. Well, let me explain how Notch, the developer of Minecraft, did more marketing than the average indie game developer Read more…

RPG Playground 0.13: Conversations

Finally, the new version of RPG Playground is available at http://rpgplayground.com! First of all, this release took waaaay too long. The previous version was released 1 year back, which is definitely a very long time ago. I don’t want any of my next releases to take this long ever again. The plan is to make a new release every few months, or even faster.

A lot of you were asking, poking and bugging me when this release will be out, and what features it will contain. So thanks for your patience! I hope you will stick around while I keep adding new features.

So, why did it take so long? Well, a lot of work was done both on visible features and framework improvements. I will explain everything in this post (so yeah, this is going to take a while). I will handle the most important features first, so feel free to quit reading and start designing your game.